Sterek Week: Tuesday: Color Me Sterek

prettyinsoulpunk asked for #20

Holland Roden gets ready for the VMAs


hoechlin talking about dylan accidentally slapping him during filming 


stiles stilinski meme - one villain interaction

↳talking about scott in 1x12

2013 || 2014 


Can we just take a moment to realize how cute dylan’s shy smile is


Sterek AU:

Their is a new villian in town. Everyone of the pack is doing something important. Stiles decides to search through the woods on his own….Stupid idea…

(Fell free to add a story/ficlet of your own! I would love to read them :D)


    My little mermaid…

Far out in the ocean, where the water is as blue as the prettiest             cornflower, and as clear as crystal


I’m fucking tired of media creators pitting minorities against each other in shipping. “Oh, it’s so racist that sterek shippers replace Braeden with Stiles in their edits.”

No, it’s not. You’ve got your canon. Please leave us the fuck alone. We were here first and we’ve got nothing to show for it. They won’t even say our name in public. You’ve won. Let us do our thing in peace. All you need to do to see your pairing is turn on the TV.

Let us see ours in our own fucking spaces.